Wanda's Little Rescues - Raleigh, NC - Dachshund Rescue If you have decided that you’d like to make one of our furbabies a part of your family, the first step is submitting an Adoption Application.

Once we have receive your application, we will review it. Our reviewing process starts with a member of the Wanda’s Little Rescues adoption team speaking with your vet and ensuring that all of your personal animals are up to date on their shots and neutered or spayed. Once the application is approved, we will invite you to have a meet n greet with the animal. You may have an interview over the phone with one of our representatives, or the foster of the the pet.

Since the animal has usually been in their care for at least a month they have a lot of insight into the personality, likes and dislikes of the new pet you have chosen. They will also be able to provide up to date medical information and any special needs your pet may have.

After we check your veterinarian references and had your meet n greet our local representative will do a home visit.(Only if all approvals have been made.) Please understand it is not our desire to intrude on your privacy in any way shape or form, our only interest is in ensuring that the animals we place in forever homes will be given the utmost love and care possible.

Please note all of the above will happen only if everything has been approved.